MSIS President’s report Ron M.A. Heeren, December 2018 This first year after MSIS was established at […]
Tiffany Porta Siegel, Gregory Hamm, Josephine Bunch, Jo Cappell, John S. Fletcher, Kristina Schwamborn Chairs of the Study group of Imaging Mass Spectrometry […]
Matthias Holzlechner, Maximilian Bonta, Hans Lohninger, Andreas Limbeck , and Martina Marchetti-Deschmann Institute of Chemical Technologies […]
Paine MRL, Poad BLJ, Eijkel GB, Marshall DL, Blanksby SJ, Heeren RMA, Ellis SR. Angew Chem […]
Ellis SR, Paine MRL, Eijkel GB, Pauling JK, Husen P, Jervelund MW, Hermansson M, Ejsing CS, […]
Svirkova A, Turyanskaya A , Perneczky L , Streli C , Marchetti-Deschmann M . Institute of Chemical Technology and Analytics (CTA), TU Wien, Vienna, […]
WIMS is a practical course and hands-on training for both experts and beginners in the field […]