Mass Spectrometry Imaging Society


The Mass Spectrometry Imaging Society aims to share the knowledge on MS Imaging.


A community of practice on mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) emerged 2012 under the auspices of the European network COST Action BM1104 which aimed at connecting scientist working in the rapidly growing field of MSI. The European nature of the COST funding has meant these early activities (conferences, workshops, training courses) had an European focus but they were open to worldwide participation. Consequently, the community had over 200 active members from all continents.

It was decided in October 2015 to formally establish a Mass Spectrometry Imaging Society to continue the activities of the COST network and to include other activities and all practitioners in the field of MS imaging. The possibility to join an existing society, e.g. to form a focus group within the International Mass Spectrometry Foundation (IMSF) was evaluated and discussed during 2016. As a result of extensive discussions during OurCon IV (Ustron, Poland, October 2016) it was almost unanimously decided to form the Mass Spectrometry Imaging Society, with the legal entity being in Switzerland.

As a result, the society was founded on February 10, 2017 in Basel, Switzerland.

Structure and Statutes

Memberships starts by signing up directly on this website. Members are invited to join the first general assembly of the society which will be held during the OurCon V in the Netherlands (September 2017). During this meeting, the board will be elected and changes to the statutes will be discussed and might get approved. We invite you to take part in shaping the future of MSI – either as member or by joining the board.

The current legal statutes are in German, with an English translation which can be found here. The aim is to approve the adapted English version during the general assembly. Please use the forum to suggest changes.

Currently we have 86 members – join the community now